Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan  

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Calm The Mind
Strengthen the Body
Activate Internal Energy

Taijiquan is a centuries-old Chinese self-defense discipline that benefits a person's physical and mental health, with its emphasis on balance and continuous internal energy flow to yield, follow, and deflect any hard aggressive actions of an opponent.

Taijiquan is practiced slowly, in circular patterns. It is designed to improve circulation and balance while regulating the nervous system.

The gentle stretching movements makes the body limber, tones the muscles and also relieves tension. It is also well-known as a healing art because of its reputation for alleviating many ailments such as hypertension, arthritis, heart disease and anemia, among others.

The correct dedicated practice of this art will create in the individual an overall sense of well-being and "Calm the Mind, Strengthen The Body and Activate Internal Energy"

  Sifu Peter Tam Hoy has been teaching Traditional Yang style Taijiquan on the Big Island of Hawaii since 1991