Sifu Peter Tam-Hoy early studies of the Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan began in 1970 under Master Tung Hu Ling and Master Sam K. Kekina at the Chinese Buddhist Temple at Kawananakoa Pl. in Nuuanu Valley in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sifu Tam-Hoy has also augmented his studies under Master Tung Kai Ying in the early 80's and often travels to Honolulu to study Taiji & push hands with Master Dong Zeng Chen in Honolulu, both accomplished sons of Master Tung Hu Ling.Sifu Tam-Hoy continues to refine and develop his practice with his push hands training with Master Dong Zeng Chen of Honolulu and Master Herman Kauz of San Diego.
Sifu Tam-Hoy also studied for a brief time with Chen Style Master Ren Guang Yi learning the Lao Jia Yi Lu first form and Chan Su Chin(silk reeling) of the Chen Style Taijiquan.In 1991 Sifu Tam-Hoy moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where he continues to teach the Yang StyleTaijiquan in the Hilo area of the Big Island. In his classes Sifu Tam Hoy emphasizes the basic fundamentals of Taiji. He believes that these Taiji essentials are key to a students understanding and development, and more important than the particular style of practice.Once the student has a basic understanding and grasp of these fundamentals he or she can move onto the more complicated practices of applications, push hands, and weapons forms.


Sifu Peter Tam-Hoy

    Master Tung Hu Ling taught Taijiquan in Hawaii from the early 1960's until his death in 1992 in Honolulu. He was the internationally known son of the famous Tung Ying Chieh, one of Yang Cheng Fu's most senior students. (Yang Cheng Fu was the grandson of Yang Lu Chan and the creator of the current Yang Style Taijiquan the most famous form of Taijiquan known around the world today). His studies with Master Tung Hu Ling included the Yang Style Long Form,
Tung's fast form, weapons forms and push hands
Master Tung Hu Ling
    Also a highly respected Taji teacher in the Chinese and local communities of Honolulu. He was well known for his powerful internal energy and martial ability in Taijiquan, even into his 80's. He passed away at 86 years old in1998, Sifu Peter Tam Hoy studyied and practiced Taiji self defense applications and push hand skills with Master Sam Kekina for 20 years(1970-1990).
Master Sam Kekina


Son of Tung Hu Ling who presently lives and teaches in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Master Tung Kai Ying

Also son of Tung Hu Ling who presently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and is the founder of the Dong Family International Tai Chi Association who teaches in Hawaii and workshops worldwide..

Master Dong Zeng Chen